Name Your Baby

(Scan by Rev. Byrd | 21st Printing, June 1973)

Sub-title: The Most Complete Baby Name Book!
Author: Lareina Rule

Edition Cited in The Compleat Witch


Publisher: Bantam Books
City: New York
Year: 1963

Pages: 206
Binding: Paperback


Back Cover Copy
(From Cited Edition, 21st Printing, June 1973)
More names!
More information!
Choose the right name for your baby –
a name your baby will cherish for the rest of his life –
with this fabulous books of names.
From Aaron to Zoe
– Over 6,500 names
– What each name means
– Its country of origin
– The historical and literary figures who made it famous
– The root word for each name
PLUS the special horoscope that will enable you to predict your baby’s character and personality.
The most complete book of its kind!
Table of Contents
(From Cited Edition, 21st Printing, June 1973)
Astrology and Your Baby… 1
Introduction… 23
Names for Girls… 27
Names for Boys… 101
Free and Low-Cost Things for the Baby… 207
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(Scan by Rev. Byrd | 21st Printing, June 1973)

Year: 1963
Publisher: Bantam Books; New York
Pages: 220
Binding: Paperback
Size: 4.25″ x 7″
Cover Price: $1.25
LoC: 63-14178

Notes: Numerous printings from 1963 to 2010.

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Misc. Quotes

“ANTHONY – Latin: Antonius.  “Inestimable, priceless one.”  […] 
English nicknames: Tony.
Foreign variations: Antonio (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese), Antoine (French), Anton, Antonius (German, Swedish), Anntoin (Irish).


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