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We have divided up the bibliography of TCW into thematic groupings. It is a work in progress…


001. Anonymous, Chorus Queens, Or The Private Lives of Broadway HotchaChorus Girls
005. Baines, Anthony, Musical Instruments Through the Ages
008. Becker, Stephen, Comic Art in America
034. Collyer, Martin, Burlesque
044. Durant, John and Alice, A Pictorial History of the American Circus
070. Gowland, Peter, How to Photograph Women
072. Gresham, William Lindsay, Monster Midway
078. Herman, Lewis and Marguerite Shalett, Foreign Dialects
088. Lariar, Lawrence, Cartooning for Everybody
096. Mangels, William F., The Outdoor Amusement Industry
097. Mannix, Dan, Step Right Up!
100. McCullough, Edo, Good Old Coney Island
103. Meerloo, Joost A., The Dance
104. Milner, Michael, Sex on Celluloid
105. Möbius, Felix, Zauberei Geräuschen
107. Mortensen, William, The Command to Look
108. Nelms, Henning, Magic and Showmanship
114. Pilat, Oliver and Ranson, Jo, Sodom by the Sea
115. Podolski, Edward, Music Therapy
140. Sobel, Bernard, A Pictorial History of Burlesque
142. Stanislavski, Constantin, translated by Elizabeth Reynolds Hapgood,An Actor Prepares
151. The’tard, Henry, La Merveilleuse Histoire Du Cirque


002. Anonymous, The Confessions of a Taxi-Dancer
019. Bodin, Walter and Hershey, Burnet, It’s a Small World
026. Byfield, Barbara Ninde, The Glass Harmonica
032. Clarens, Carlos, An Illustrated History of the Horror Film
037. Dannet, Sylvia G. L. and Rachel, Frank R., Down Memory Lane
057. Fiske, John, Myths and Myth-Makers
074. Habenstein, Robert W. and Lamers, William M., Funeral Customs TheWorld Over
086. Köhler, Carl, A History of Costume
117. Priestly, J. B., Man and Time
130. Rule, Lareina, Name your Baby
141. Sprenger, Jakob and Kramer, Heinrich, translated by Montague Summers,Malleus Maleficarum
160. Volta, Ornella, The Vampire
161. Wagner, Geoffrey, Parade of Pleasure
169. Wright, Lawrence, Clean and Decent


007. Bauer, W. W., Potions, Remedies and Old Wives Tales
011. Bessy, Maurice, Pictorial History of Magic and the Supernatural
028. Carrington, Hereward, The Physical Phenomena of Spiritualism
031. Cavendish, Richard, The Black Arts
035. Corinda, Thirteen Steps to Mentalism
036. Crow, W. B., A History of Magic, Witchcraft and Occultism
041. Deren, Maya, Divine Horsemen: The Voodoo Gods of Haiti
050. Elworthy, Fredrick Thomas, The Evil Eye
056. Fielding, William J., Strange Superstitions and Magical Practices
062. Gibson, Walter B. and Litzka, R., The Complete Illustrated Book ofThe Psychic Sciences
063. Gifford, Edward S., Jr., The Charms of Love
064. Gifford, Edward S., Jr. , The Evil Eye
090. LaVey, Anton Szandor, The Satanic Bible
113. Pauwels, Louis and Bergier, Jacques, The Morning of the Magicians
116. Poinsot, M. C., The Encyclopedia of Occult Sciences
119. Rawcliffe, D. H., The Psychology of the Occult
122. Rhodes, H. T. F., The Satanic Mass
124. Robbins, Rossell Hope, The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology
127. Rose, Elliot, A Razor for a Goat
135. Seabrook, William, Witchcraft, Its Power in the World Today
149. Tabori, Paul , The Book of the Hand
156. Truzzi, Marcello, Caldron Cookery
164. Waterman, Philip F., The Story of Superstition
166. Wedeck, Harry E., Treasury of Witchcraft


006. Barker, J. C., Scared to Death
012. Birnbaum, Henri, Love and Love’s Philosophy
013. Birren, Faber, Color: A Survey in Words and Pictures
014. Birren, Faber, Color in Your World
015. Birren, Faber, Color Psychology and Color Therapy
016. Blackford, Katherine M. H., Reading Character at Sight
020. Boss, Medard, The Analysis of Dreams
021. Bourke, John G., Scatalogic Rites of All Nations
022. Brick, Hans, The Nature of the Beast
025. Bunker, M. N., Handwriting Analysis: The Art and Science of ReadingCharacter by Grapho Analysis
045. Efron, David, Gesture and Environment
046. Eisler, Robert, Man into Wolf
051. Evans, Bergen, The Natural History of Nonsense
052. Feldman, Sandor S., Mannerisms of Speech and Gestures in EverydayLife
054. Ferenczi, Sandor, Further Contributions to the Theory and Techniqueof Psycho-Analysis
058. Flugel, J. C., The Psychology of Clothes
059. Freud, Sigmund, A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis
065. Gindes, Bernard C., New Concepts of Hypnosis
066. Goffman, Erving, Behavior in Public Places
067. Goffman, Erving, Interaction Ritual
068. Goffman, Erving, Stigma
075. Hadfield, J. A., Dreams and Nightmares
076. Hall, Edward T., The Silent Language
077. Hall, Edward T., The Hidden Dimension
079. Holder, Robert, You Can Analyze Handwriting
082. Keats, John, The Insolent Chariots
083. Klapp, Orrin E., Collective Search for Identity
084. Klapp, Orrin E., Heroes, Villains and Fools
085. Klapp, Orrin E., Symbolic Leaders
093. Lofland, John, Deviance and Identity
094. London, Perry, Behavior Control
095. Luckiesh, M., Visual Illusions—Their Cause, Characteristics andApplications
098. Maslow, Abraham H., Motivation and Personality
101. McGrady, Patrick M., Jr., The Youth Doctors
106. Morris, Desmond, The Naked Ape
110. Nierenburg, Gerald I., The Art of Negotiating
111. Ostow, Mortimer and Scharfstein, Ben-Ami, The Need to Believe.
112. Packard, Vance, The Hidden Persuaders
128. Rosenteur, Phyllis I., Morpheus and Me
129. Rubington, Earl Weingerg, Martin S., Deviance—the InteractionistPerspective
131. Sagarin, Edward, The Anatomy of Dirty Words
133. Samstag, Nicholas, The Uses of Ineptitude or How not to want to doBetter
145. Stekel, Wilhelm, The Interpretation of Dreams
147. Szasz, Kathleen, Petishism—Pets and their People in the WesternWorld
148. Tabori, Paul, The Art of Folly
150. Tabori, Paul , The Natural Science of Stupidity
152. Thigpen, Corbett H., The Three Faces of Eve
154. Thouless, Robert H., Straight and Crooked Thinking
155. Tridon, Andre, Psychoanalysis and Love
157. Truzzi, Marcello , Sociology and Everyday Life
159. Vernon, Jack, Inside the Black Room


009. Bedichek, Roy, The Sense of Smell
017. Bloch, Iwan, Odoratus Sexualis
132. Sagarin, Edward , The Science and Art of Perfumery


010. Berman, Louis, New Creations in Human Beings
029. Carson, Gerald, One for a Man, Two for a Horse
033. Cohen, Daniel, Myths of the Space Age
038. Darwin, Charles, The Expressions of the Emotions in Man and inAnimals
069. Gould, George M. and Pyle, Walter L., Anomalies and Curiosities ofMedicine
102. McLuhan, Herbert Marshal, The Mechanical Bride
153. Thompson, C. J. S., The Mystery and Lore of Monsters


003. Anonymous, edited by Robert Kramer, The Horn Book
004. Arthur, Gavin, The Circle of Sex
018. Bloch, Iwan, The Sexual Life of Our Time
023. Budge, E. A. Wallis, Amulets and Talismans
024. Bulliet, C. J., Venus Castina
027. Cameron, Ian and Elisabeth, Dames
030. Cauldwell, David O., Transvestism–Men in Female Dress
039. Davenport, John, Aphrodisiacs and Love Stimulants
047. Ellis, Albert, The Folklore of Sex
048. Ellis, Havelock. Psychology of Sex
053. Fe’re, Charles Samson, The Sexual Urge—How it Grows or Wanes
055. Ferenczi, Sandor , Sex in Psycho-Analysis
061. Garland, Madge, The Changing Face of Beauty
071. Gray, Frank, Scoremanship
073. Grollman, Arthur, Essentials of Endocrinology
080. Hoskins, R. G., Endocrinology—The Glands and their Functions
081. Hunt, Morton M., The Natural History of Love
089. Laurent, Emile and Nagour, Paul, Magica Sexualis
091. Legman, Gershon, The Horn Book
092. Leigh, Michael, The Velvet Underground
099. Masters, R. E. L., Eros and Evil
109. Nìmìcek, Otto Kar, Virginity, Pre-Nuptial Rites and Rituals
118. Quinsel, Reinhart, Sexual Exhibitionism
121. Reich, Wilhelm, The Function of the Orgasm
123. Riordan, Judson, Peeping Tom
126. Rogers, J. A., Sex and Race (Vol. I and II)
134. Scheimann. Eugene & Neimark, Paul, Sex and the Overweight Woman
143. Steinach, Eugen, Sex and Life
144. Stekel, Wilhelm, Bi-Sexual Love
146. Stekel, Wilhelm, Patterns of Psychosexual Infantilism
158. Turner, E. S., A History of Courting
162. Wall, O. A., Sex and Sex Worship (Phallic Worship)
163. Walton, Alan Hull, Aphrodisiacs—from Legend to Prescription
165.  Wedeck, Harry E., Dictionary of Aphrodisiacs
168. Winick, Charles, The New People
170. X, Dr. Jacobus, Untrodden Fields of Anthropology


060. Fosbroke, Gerald Elton, Character Reading through Analysis of theFeatures
087. Kretschmer, E., Physique and Character
120. Reich, Wilhelm, Character Analysis. New York: Orgone Institute Press,1949.
136. Sheldon, W. H., Atlas of Men
137. Sheldon, W. H. , The Varieties of Human Physique
138. Sheldon, W. H. , The Varieties of Temperament
139. Sigaud, C., La Forme Humaine
167. Weidenreich, F., Rasse und Körperbau


040. De Leeuw, Hendrik, Women—the Dominant Sex
042. Deutsch, Helene, The Psychology of Women
043. Dingwall, Eric John, The American Woman—A Historical Study
049. Ellis, Julie, Revolt of the Second Sex
125. Rogers, Agnes, Women are Here to Stay

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