What follows is a list of all the known editions of “The Compleat Witch.” It is unknown to us if all of the translated editions are authorized or not, or even the quality of those translations.

Hardback, First Edition
Paperback, Lancer Books, 1971
LA PERFETTA STREGA, ovvero quando la virtù fa fiasco Ferro Edizioni 1971
Paperback, Feral House, 1989 retitled “The Satanic Witch”
Die Satanische Hexe, Second Sight Books, 2002
Die Satanische Hexe, Second Sight Books, 2000
Okultura, Warszawa 2002
Paperback, Feral House, 2003 New foreword and afterword.
Paperback, Camion Noir, 2009 La sorcière satanique
“A Bruxa Satânica” Portuguese edition for the Brazilian market. (year unknown)