Women Are Here To Stay

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Subtitle: The Durable Sex in its Infinite Variety Through Half a Century of American Life

Author: Agnes Rogers

Edition Cited in The Compleat Witch

Publisher: Harper & Brothers
City: New York
Year: 1949

Binding: Hardback

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Year: 1949
Publisher: Harper & Brothers; New York
Pages: 224
Binding: Hardback
Cover Price: $5.00



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“The market value of feminine comeliness has always been high, but the nature of the market changes from generation to generation as the standards of propriety and desirability change.  In the early years of the century a woman could put her beauty on the marriage market, but she could hardly exhibit herself publicly for pay without losing her reputation, especially if the exhibition could be classified as exposure.”
“It is a sign of our times that glamor is now generally advertised as attainable by all American women, and as very easy to come by – you buy it in a jar.  Few manufacturers feel today that to sell their products they must make women identify themselves mentally with the wealthy or socially elect.  The snob appeal has become less potent than the appeal of glamor arrived at through purchase of the right products and through careful schooling in their appropriate use.  Anybody can have it, whatever her background, for a little money and some effort.  Glamor has been democratized.”
“The theatre, like literature, has long provided an opportunity for women of talent to distinguish themselves, and theatrical history is studded with the names of brilliant feminine stars.  Although the profession as a whole was eyed askance by the ultra respectable, well into the nineteen hundreds, there have always been actresses of unimpeachable personal dignity.”


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