The Book of the Hand

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Subtitle: A Compendium of Fact and Legend Since the Dawn of History

Author: Paul Tabori

Edition Cited in The Compleat Witch
Publisher: Chilton Company
City: New York (Philadelphia)
Year: 1962
Binding: Hardback
Front/Back Dust Jacket Flap Copy

A Compendium of Fact and Legend
Since the Dawn of History


“From the moment of birth to death’s dark finality we carry a masterpiece throughout life which no sculptor has ever equalled.  A precision instrument which has never been surpassed by the most elaborate mechanical brain or the most delicate tool – the human hand.”
In his book, Paul Tabori deal with the hand as the very touchstone and symbol of our humanity, separating us from all the rest of the organic world.  He traces the hand’s names and meanings in semantics and slang, in apothegm and technical term.  The book explores the role of the hand in legend and history, in witchcraft and superstition, and in the healing arts.  Tabori analyzes the miracle of touch and delves into the lore of the hand’s beauty and grooming.  You will find something about the sinister hands of crime and the mysteries of left-handedness.  There are chapters dealing with palmistry – one of mankind’s attempts to read character and foretell the future – chapters about handwriting and graphology, and finally about the tragedy and high courage of the handless.
Perhaps Mr. Tabori’s own words can best describe the scope and purpose of this delightful book – “This is, let me warn you, not a learned book with the full apparatus of footnotes and references – though I have tried to substantiate all the facts by expert and specialist opinion.  It is, I hope, a book to renew the wonder that is the only lasting pleasure of our nuclear-shadowed days.”
PAUL TABORI, born in historic Budapest in Hungary, has 33 books to his credit, among them novels, essays, and biographical and historica works.  Educated in Hungary, Switzerland, and Germany, he settled in London in 1937 where he was Assistant Editor of World Review, film critic for the Daily Mail, European Editor for Altas Features, Ltd., and contract writer for Alexander Korda.  He has written 28 feature films and over 120 TV films, most of them for the United States.  He is now writing and producing TV films in England and Europe.  At present he and his wife and living in London.

Table of Contents
A Handsel . . . v
1.  The Masterpiece . . . 1
2.  By Any Other Name . . . 18
3.  Hands of Legend and History . . . 35
4.  Harm and Heal . . . 49
5.  Talking Hands . . . 70
6.  The Miracle of Touch . . . 82
7.  Beauty and Grooming . . . 97
8.  Hands of Crime . . . 110
9.  Left Hand – Right Hand . . . 124
10. Your Face in Your Hands? . . . 148
11. Scripta Manent . . . 164
12. The Handless . . . 183
Bibliography . . . 193
Index . . . 197

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Publisher: Chilton Company; Philadelphia
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