Sex and Life

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Subtitle: Forty Years of Biological And Medical Experiments

Author: Eugen Steinach M.D., Ph.D. (and Josef Loebel, M.D.)

Edition Cited in The Compleat Witch
Publisher: The Viking Press
City: New York
Year: 1940
Binding: Hardback
Size: 6.5″ x 9.5″
Front/Back Dust Jacket Flap Copy

Table of Contents
I.  The Relations between Sex and Life… 1
II.  Experiments in Explanation of Erotization… 13
III.  Physical and Psychic Sex Characters… 24
IV.  Transplantation of Sex Glands in Animals… 36
V.  The System of the Endocrine Glands… 49
VI.  Feminization of Males and Masculization of Females… 61
VII.  Transplantation of Sex Glands in Human Beings… 73
VIII.   Experimental Hermaphrodites… 83
IX.  The Source of Sex Hormones… 93
X.  Experimental Percocity… 106
XI.  Manifestations of Senescence… 117
XII.  Surgical Reactivation (Vasoligation) – Animal Experiments… 129
XIII.  Reactivation Effects of Physiological Sex Hormones… 141
XIV.  Operative Reactivation (Vasoligation) in Veterinary Medicine… 155
XV.  The “Steinach Operation” (Vasoligation)… 166
XVI.  The Female Sex Hormone… 185
XVII.  The Clinical Application of the Synthetic Female Sex Hormone… 197
XVIII.  The Male Sex Hormone and Its Effects… 210
XIX.  Sex Hormones and Circulation… 222
Bibliography… 237
Index… 245


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Year: 1940
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“29.  Steinach at the microscope.”

Misc. Quotes
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“Sexuality is an integrating component of the life concept.  Just as all animal existence is linked to sex, so also does sex rule life’s shape and course.  Sex is at once the root and the crown of every higher form of life.  Without it there can be no animal life and, concomitantly, life devoid of sex can be neither real nor complete.”

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